Fact File

Area114 sq kms
Longitude760 47' 14E
Latitude300 44' 14N
Altitude304-365 meters above MSL with 1% drainage gradient
Annual Rainfall (average)1110.7 mm

Winter Min. (Nov.-Jan, 2006) 10 C-160 C

Summer Max. (April-July, 2004) 270C-440C

Prevalent WindsFrom the North West to South East in Winter and reverse in Summer
Total Population (2001 census)

9,00,635 (Rural population-92120 (10.2%)

(Urban population-808515 (89.8%)

Density of population/sq. km.7,900
Birth Rate (per 1000)21.45 (2005)
Death Rate (per 1000)10.22 (2005)
Infant Mortality Rate (per 1000)44.13
Sex Ratio (females per 1000 males)777
Decennial Population Growth40.33%
Literacy Rate81.9%